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Employment Pass – EP-Q1-Q2 is special pass to allow professional managers with good university degree and more than 5 years working experience to work in Singapore. Holders of EP are allowed to apply long term social visit pass for their spouse and children to stay in Singapore. Children of EP holders enjoy special education treatment.


Pass type Examples of eligibility criteria 
P1 Employment Pass  

 Fixed monthly salary = $8,000

Possesses acceptable qualifications 


 P2 Employment Pass

 Fixed monthly salary = $4,500

Possesses acceptable qualifications  

Q1 Employment Pass Young graduates from good institutions could qualify if they earn at least $3,000 

Older applicants would have to command higher salaries to qualify, commensurate with the work experience and quality they are expected to bring

S Pass 

Mid-level skilled foreigners (e.g. technicians) who wish to work in Singapore may apply for an S Pass. Applicants will be assessed on a points system, taking into account multiple criteria. S Pass applicants accumulate points based on how far they meet the criteria. As a general guide, these criteria can be broadly described as (for illustrative purposes only):

  • A minimum fixed monthly salary of $2,000
  • Educational qualifications:   
  1.  A degree, diploma
  2. Technical certificates can be considered. These are, very broadly, courses that train the applicant to be a qualified technician or specialist in their chosen field. The certification should comprise of at least one year of full-time study.
  • Type of job (e.g. professional, specialist or technician)
  • Number of years of relevant work experience

Work Permit holders who wish to apply for the S Pass must ensure that they meet the above requirements. You should refer to the Strategic Skills List to see what types of jobs are expected to be in high demand in Singapore over the next few years. 

Work Pass (WP) is a pass for general workers to work in Singapore. With good work experience, WP holders with good track record are allowed to extend their stay in Singapore for more than 18 years.

Dependent Pass

Employment Pass holders (P1, P2 and Q1) and S Pass holders (whose fixed monthly salary is more than $2,500) may apply for Dependant's Passes (DPs) for their:
  • Spouse; or
  • Unmarried/legally adopted children under 21 years of age, including new borns


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