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Reasons for setting up business in Singapore

Singapore consistently scores high marks in global and regional rankings of the factors that matter to businesses. These range from political risk to workforce productivity, from the quality of life to the prospects for making profits.

1. World Bank’s "Doing Business 2007 report: How to Reform" - Singapore: World’s easiest place to do business.
2. Accountancy firm KPMG study - Singapore: Most cost-competitive business location among 9 industrialised countries.
3. Political and Economic Risk Consultancy Report 2006 - Singapore: Best Corporate Governance Standards; one of Asia's highest Integrity Government; least Bureaucracy and Red Tape in Asia.
4. Singapore offers a safe yet dynamic environment to work, live and raise a family in. Living conditions in Singapore are amongst the best in Asia with state-of-the art facilities for education, shopping, sports and recreation.
5. Best Labour Force - ranked 88; ahead of US (74) and Switzerland (73). Source: BERI’s 2005 Labour Force Ranking
6. Close Proximity to Regional Markets: Singapore's strategic location between the East & West
7. BERI's 2007 Labour Force Evaluation Measure (LFEM) report: Best labour force - Well-educated and skilled workforce has been ranked the top in the world for quality and productivity.

Entrepreneur Pass
Entrepreneur Pass is specially set up for businessmen whose purpose is to set up ventures in Singapore. With this pass, you can stay for a long term of period to conduct your business. Your family can also join you, and over time, you can apply to be a Permament Resident (PR) of our country.

Accounting & Taxation Services
Xulong has Singapore ACCA registered accountants to aid you in filing of accounting and taxation matters to aid you in your business.

PR Application
Xulong can facilitate in your PR application.

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